Why regulate tyre labeling?

Tyre make an important contribution to road safety and to the environmental impact of road transport. However, all tyres don't offer the same performance.

The regulation enables consumers to make more informed choices when buying tyres. The EU'S targeted outcome is that road safety will improve and that the environmental impact of road transport will be reduced.

What does the regulation introduce?

Tyres are graded according to wet grip, fuel efficiency and external noise. The presentation is based on the familiar EU energy efficiency label.

What does the label mean in practical terms?

All products from Joyall are tested and approved to regulation(EC) No. 1222/2009 regarding the tyre labeling, ensuring wet grip, rolling resistance and external rolling noise.

When did the regulation come into force?

Manufacturers and importers have to provide information regarding the performance of tyres they supply in the EU that were manufactured from 1stJuly 2012.

Since 1stNovember 2012 retailers in the EU have to provide consumers with information regarding the performance of tyres offered for sale that were manufactured from 1stJuly 2012 (Date of production code 2712 or greater).

NB certain tyres are exempt "C see exclusions.

Are all Joyall tires complying with EU standard?

All Joyall brand tires exported to EU are complying with EU standard, EU label, E-sound, ECE certificates.

All Joyall brand tires are made by clear oil to better protect our earth.

We are really appreciated for using our green tires-Joyall Tire.


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